Bionischer Filter

The bionic filter is capable of reliably recognizing contours and objects despite of different lighting conditions and colours aswell as to distinguish them from the background.

Our contribution to autonomous driving:

Detecting objects regardless of the lighting conditions.

Auto Original Bild
Auto Konturerkennung
Contour recognition
Auto Objektseparation
Object separation

Our contribution to quality control:

Colour and light independent surface inspections.

Our contribution to "bin picking"

Colour and light independent detection of objects. Ideal for reaching into the box.

Our contribution to production:

Colour and light independent recognition and tracking of workpieces.

Partner for all next generation defence, medical and industrial software applications.

Any questions? We'll be happy to help.

Any questions? We'll be happy to help.
High-complexity processes and virtually unlimited possibilities. Industrial image processing offers both. But one thing is certain – that there is a solution to nearly every challenge. Let us pinpoint the solutions to your challenges together!

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