Product lifecycle

The path taken by a product from concept to production is exciting. We support you from start to finish throughout all stages of the process.

I. Product design:

It makes sense to consider the testability of new products or components as early as the design phase. Is simple or even safe testing necessary, and what are the prerequisites? We will be happy to advise you already in this phase.

II. Production planning:

We recommend considering image processing as early as during the production machine's planning phase. This allows you to address numerous at an early stage. This significantly simplifies subsequent maintainability and reliability of the testing system. Get in touch with us!

III. Production:

Even an up and running system generally requires support. Production conditions fluctuate, specifications need to be adapted, defective components replaced. Naturally we provide this service for you. Enquire about our service packages!

IV. The times are changing:

The technology has changed and continues to evolve constantly – everything is moving faster and faster. Your testing system has to meet this challenge too. We constantly bring your facility into line with the state of the art – and your testing programs can evolve along with it. We have been following this intelligent principle for the past 15 years.

V. Testing is no longer needed:

When a product is discontinued, how can the testing system be used for a new product? Ask us – we will develop a concept!

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