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Outstanding in many ways

Having emerged from one of the largest electronics companies in the world, Q.VITEC is a solution provider in all aspects of industrial image processing. In this field, we offer intelligent software, reliable hardware and customised system integration.


Je komplexer die täglichen Herausforderungen, desto höher die eigenen Erwartungen und größer die Ansprüche an die geleistete Arbeit sind, umso wichtiger werden Erfahrung und das richtige Know-how. Wir wissen nicht nur um die Vielschichtigkeit der industriellen Bildverarbeitung, wir sind uns auch über das nahezu grenzenlose Potential dieser Technologie im Klaren.

The path to efficient and precise testing routines can be quite simple. It can be quick and intuitive, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our software guarantees maximum performance in industrial image processing – and all without knowledge of programming.

The foundation for optimal test results can only be laid through the right combination of high-quality technology. We provide exactly the right hardware to fit your needs. Flexible, robust and customised.

In our customised system integration services, we draw on extensive experience and industry knowledge . Intelligent product modification and seamless integration with your processes is a matter of course for us.

Special cameras, special algorithms, unusual interface protocols? No problem – individual questions demand individual answers. Our specialists develop the perfect solution, wor king together with you.


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High-complexity processes and virtually unlimited possibilities. Industrial image processing offers both. But one thing is certain – that there is a solution to nearly every challenge. Let us pinpoint the solutions to your challenges together!

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