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V.Qnect+ is the interface between the Universal Robots and the Vision Q.400 Software. With V.Qnect+ you have the possibility to control and configure your well-known Vision Q.400 with the Universal Robot Teach Pendant and to optimize your workflow. It is aimed at both end users and system houses for industrial image processing who want to quickly and easily implement inspection solutions at the highest level and without programming knowledge.

V.Qnect+ application examples

Regardless of whether it is a matter of completeness checks, measuring tasks, object recognition, contour checks, positioning or surface inspection, Vision Q.400 covers all industrial inspection tasks. Whether stationary or on a robot makes no difference. In addition, the extensive range of functions can be expanded with individual algorithms.

Results directly in your hand

Until yesterday you needed PLC programming to establish communication between Vision Q.400 and Universal Robot, but you only need the V.Qnect+ kit from today.

V.Qnect+ is easy to use, cost and time effective.

V.Qnect+ Electrical Kit

The V.Qnect+ kit, which is included with the V.Qnect+ URCap, contains a 24V DC power supply and the Q.400SD-R02 PC.


  • LAN
  • Cam
  • Ring Light
  • USB
  • HDMI
  • Power

Camera Mounter

Each V.Qnect+ kit comes with a camera mounter. Because of the many possible applications of V.Qnect+ we have to make sure that we offer the right mounting option for each application. If you have any questions about the camera mounter or you are not sure which mounter is best for your application, we are here to help.

Direct Camera Mounter

Direct connection between camera and robot.

Extension Camera Mounter

Connection with possibility on gripper mounting.

Stationary Camera Mounter

External stationary camera mount
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UR+ Certified Product

We can either provide our service as developing consultants for your developers or we can even develop the whole URCap based on your needs and requirements. Excited to know more.? We are here to help and answer.

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UR16e from Universal Robot

Universal Robots

Universal Robots is committed to providing safe, flexible, and user-friendly industrial robot arms to companies of all sizes around the world. They develop industrial collaborative robots that automate and streamline repetitive processes. This approach allows employees to perform more enjoyable tasks and create jobs that add value to the business. In addition, the UR robot is easy to program and can be set up quickly.
With UR's collaborative robots it is possible to automate just about anything.