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Industrial image processing forms the basis for a huge number of positive effects and developments: safety, efficient use of materials, optimal form, function and quality – an overall increase in productivity. All these are the result of high-efficiency image processing.

The possibilities are as varied as our solutions.

Application sorted by industries

Airbag testing

A special and very easy-to-use algorithm checks the continuous presence of the seams and their correct course within the adhesive mass.

Airbag testing

Automatic packing:

  • Automatic measurement of the containers and deposit position
  • Folding over support points
  • Guard fenceless operation
  • Containers are transported on and off via AGVs

End of Line Testing Dashboard

  • Automatic EOL of different I-board types
  • 86 Characteristics for presence and correct length
  • 2 Measuring tasks
  • Total cycle time: 23.5 sec.

Motorcycle screwing

  • Measurement on the motorcycle
  • Image acquisition before each screw point
  • Transfer of the coordinates to the robot

Cardan shaft error detection

Quality Control

Inspection for paint defects & grease residues

Carbon brake discs

Production monitoring

During the inspection of the bonding surfaces, a brightness detection with the "Extraction Checker" function is used and the component is checked.

Carbon Bremsscheiben

Bearing identification

Inline production control
The camera checks the position and quality


Rim type detection and classification

Measurement and detection of height, width, design and valve hole.

Rim type identification

Number & expression of seams

Reliable seam inspection with little contrast or color difference.


Fish detection

Counting and tracking fish within a tank

Beispiel Bild Objekte zählen

Beverage testing

Labels, print image & crown seal inspection

Beispiel Bild Getränkeprüfung

Chocolate bar testing

Defect detection of branded chocolate bars

Beispiel Bild Schokolade


Contour comparison, wood structure check, plain text reading & format check


Testing on the transfer press

Testing of components at the end of a transfer press

Check for cracks & constrictions

Optische Inline prüfung

Tool inspection

Checking the quality
Detection of various errors

Tool inspection

Pick & Place

Contour comparison/feature extraction
To prevent damage to adjacent parts preventis checked for collisions in the freely definable gripping area. 

Pick and Place Example

Breakout control

Testing & Surveying
Detection of defects
Breakout control on turbine wheels.


Screw testing

Thread testing
Thread pitch measurement
Applicable for quality or grade purity testing of screws

Screw testing

Plug contact test

Monitoring electroplating processes 
Coating inspection

Plug contact test

Contact check

Measurement and analysis
Detection of defects


Circuit board inspection

Complete surface analysis
Component testing
Checking of bonding surfaces for smallest surface defects, placement control and measurement of the component

Clamp test

Completeness check
Read plain text
Joining and completeness check on terminals as well as printing check at high speed

Clamp test

Solder joint inspection

Quality Control
Solder joint monitoring
Robot-guided solder joint inspection on an automotive sensor

Solder joint inspection

Test tube control

Color recognition of the caps, as well as fill level control and bar code reading


Aortic valve testing

Seam control
Checking manually created seams for the prescribed number of stitches within an area

Aortenklappen Qualitätsprüfung

Membrane testing

Quality inspection (membrane drill hole inspection)
Monitoring of the micro-holes for size and continuity


Fill level control

Fluid testing
Detection of filling levels

Fill level control

Bacteria testing

Monitoring of bacteria cultures
Counting bacteria

Bacteria testing

Testing of gaskets

Error Detection
Check damage to the sealing surface


Adhesive bead inspection

adhesive & weld seam testing
Quality check
Robot-guided 3D adhesive bead inspection in the automotive sector



Bearing identification
3D gripping position for robots
Automatic 3D gripper position detection for (de)palletizing of sintered metal parts

Depalettierung von unterschiedlichen Werkstücken

Component measurement

Dimensional accuracy & contour inspection (gear wheel measurement)
Surveying & Geometric Analysis

Gear measurement

Assembly monitoring

Completeness check
Assembly monitoring of manual workstations for completeness control. Later hidden components are automatically checked for completeness during assembly.

Assembly monitoring

Code evaluation

Code reading (piston rings)
Code size: 2mm x 5mm testable
Reading matrix codes and checking marking quality according to AIM DPM-1-2006

Code evaluation

Runtime monitoring

Fill level detection
Automatic metering quantity determination during metering to determine the optimum adhesive quantity

Runtime monitoring

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