The way to the perfect image

As the foundation of any testing task or measurement operation, the image is absolutely crucial. Excellent results can only be generated when working with outstanding image quality. In this connection, trying to economise on optics is the beginning of the end if you want high-quality test results.

Criteria for lenses

Fundamentally, you have to establish a precisely coordinated overall system in which the optics, lighting and image sensor are perfectly matched to one another. The most important factors when selecting a suitable lens are thus as follows:

  • Measurement accuracy
  • Object size
  • Distance
  • Light intensity/different field
  • Geometric size of the image sensor
  • Number of image sensor pixels

Our product range
Armed with knowledge as to the nearly limitless possibilities of modern optical systems, we work together with numerous reputable manufacturers and brands, putting us in a position to come up with the right answer to almost any challenge in every application area:

  • Brand-name optical systems from Fujifilm, Kowa, Ricoh, Sill Optics, Zeiss and other manufacturers
  • All standard focal lengths
  • Complete series for all sensor sizes
  • Megapixel, high resolution and telecentric lenses
  • C-mount, F-mount, NF-mount and other connections as needed
  • Suitable for industrial use in every case, with locking screws for challenging environments
  • Broad range of adapter rings and filters