About us

Having emerged from one of the largest electronics companies in the world, Q.VITEC is a solution provider in all aspects of industrial image processing. In this field, we offer intelligent software, reliable hardware and customised system integration.

Thanks to the enormous commitment and motivation on the part of our employees, we have succeeded in establishing a smoothly functioning team of image processing experts and software developers with multiple years of experience, and our track record in retaining the top experts is second to none. The birth of Q.VITEC GmbH in 2012 did not represent a business start-up in the "classical" sense. Rather, it was a matter of preserving well-functioning and successful processes in the best possible way. In addition, it was also a matter of determining and defining additional potentials in order to spur rapid and continuous ongoing development.

Thanks to our employees' many years of experience, Q.VITEC was ideally positioned from the very outset. The proverbial "from 0 to 100" was put into practice during our company's founding. By dividing the company into Q.VITEC North and Q.VITEC South, we have also done justice to the dynamics of each division by casting our structures in a coherent form. Due to our high flexibility, we can bundle our forces optimally and thus meet your requirements in an ideal way.

Thanks to a broad wealth of experience and equipped with a well known and well established client base, we were and are in a position to access the highest quality services in the field of industrial image processing on an ad lib basis. 

The result is that our solutions win customers over with their multi-functionality, variability and customisability, achieving the perfect symbiosis of software and matching camera systems.

Q.VITEC is an official partner of MVTec, a leading international software manufacturer who developed the worldwide used image processing library HALCON which is part of the Vision Q.400 software.