V.Q Assemble

V.Q Assemble

Augmented Assembling Client

V.Q Assemble is a camera and beamer supported inspection software (solution) for assembly processes.

We make sure that:
- The right part
- From the right box
- In the right order
- To the right place 

get Assembled.

VQ Assemble Error Monitor

Vision Q.400 Error detection

Even at the highest operating speeds, Vision Q.400 is able to detect errors in the bearing in detail. In the example shown above, even OCR recognition is performed in detail.  The worker is guided through the assembly process with optical and acoustic signals.

Assemblings plugins

Thanks to the possibility to install plugins in V.Q Assemble, the possibilities are endless. The possibilities range from a video feature, which provides a better understanding of the assembly, to pressure gauges and torque transmission of the screwdrivers. 
Of course, we are also able to develop and install plugins especially for you.

Projection of light fields, texts or images directly onto the workstation.

Reaching into the wrong box is communicated visually and acoustically.

For each individual assembly step, a training video is permanently displayed on the monitor.

Successful completion is communicated to the worker by visual and acoustic signals.

V.Q Assemble - YouTube Video

Visit our YouTube channel and see for yourself how V.Q Assemble performs the assembly step by step together with the worker and how V.Q Assemble detects errors and communicates them to the worker.